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Say It Aint So, Brad!
Construction Challenge Entry Was Totally Manipulated!

In a shocking announcement, Brad Peterson (BradP) admitted to wrongdoing in creating his entry for the construction challenge.

The entry was DQ'd for use of illegal editing methods which Peterson denies knowledge of their illegality and basically pleaded insanity with the comment "I need to have my head examined..." He also downplayed his actions when he told reporters "It's all in the name of photography right? RIGHT?"

Although he would not provide our reporters with the original, we found a copy of what we believe to be the actual image he shot before he used the illegal editing tools on it.

Apparently he used a common wishbone from a roasted chicken he polished off one late night at his shop. Under pressure from the challenge deadline, he sat staring at that wishbone and began to think how easily he could make that look like a backhoe. Caught up in the moment, he propped the wishbone up on his workbench, snapped a quick shot, loaded it into his PC and literally photoshopped the daylights out of the image. The result, while not very impressive as a photo of a backhoe is really quite an achievement considering what it really was!

Not the First DQ for BradP!
We Got Exclusive Access To The Other DQ'd Entry!

After some intense dirt-digging, the Enquirer has uncovered a previous DQ entry! Well, ok - it was right there in his profile page. This DQ was for a special rules violation in the Rubber Ducky challenge.

BradP SUpporters in front of DPC HeadquartersUnder DPC's Challenge Rules, if there is a third DQ, Peterson faces a 2 week suspension of his account. Brad seemed unphased and undaunted by the looming threat of suspension.

Many of Peterson's supporters gathered around DPC headquarters in a show of support.

When we caught up with Brad driving to work, he had no comment and sped away.

Random DPC Member Profile

Dusty Knapp (thewriterside)
(No profile photo provided, so we took the liberty of guessing what he looks like)

Challenges Entered: 6
Votes Cast: 1694
Avg Vote Cast: 7.5803
Votes Received: 1778
Avg Vote Received: 4.5579

  • Made: 173
  • Helpful: 156
  • Received: 95
    Forum Posts: 170
    Profile Views: 1090

"When I switched from 35mm (it was an olympus SLR) to digital, I began using a defunct Fuji Finepix s3000, so what you see in my portfolio was the best I could get with that. Unimpressive, I know. It's difficult to get any quality photos hen your camera persistently over and under exposes captures, and totally disregards your custom settings in manual mode. In a year and a half, not a single photo came out correct. I just upgraded to a Canon 300d, so photos of greater quality and integrity are on their way... I promise. "


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