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HUFU Ingredients Exposed! theSaj denies any involvement

Jason Epperson posted this advertisement in the DPC forums saying: "yup...call me sick and wrong for posting this...but what will you call me when I order it?" - Suddenly everyone was trying it. HUFU soon became the staple food of DPCers-- that is until the whistle was blown! Charlton Heston of movie fame dramatically barged into DPC headquarters yelling "HUFU is pictures of people! It's Pictures of PEOPLE!" He was finally dragged out by security still screaming his accusations.

The whole incident was then covered up by the DPC Site Council. But one insider called our offices and told us about it and we are now exposing this despicable product for what it is - it's Pictures of People!! We sent a team to the factory where they claim the ingredients are simply Tofu, but armed with spy cameras, our team put together this rendition of the process used.

Scandal Surrounds mpemberton!
Apple Challenge 2nd Place Winner Was Really a Staged Shot With a Trained Bird!

On a cool evening in May, our investigators were staking out a section of beach where Michael Pemberton (mpemberton) was shooting pictures of gulls for the Apple Challenge. What our team found was both amazing and revealing. It seems Michael was using a specially trained "Fruit-Fetching Gull" used by the military during World War II in the D-Day invasion of Normandy. The birds were trained by the British to swoop down on the Nazi enemy and steal their fruit to weaken them during the ensuing battle.

We have obtained exclusive pictures taken by Pemberton on that day. It seems he had difficulty getting the bird to focus on picking up the apple. It seemed to have no problem with bananas and even picked up someone's broccoli at one point.

A spokesman for Pemberton said that he had no comment but even if he did use a trained bird, "it is not against the Basic Challenge rules!"

Heston: "HUFU is Pictures of People!! PICTURES OF PEOPLE!!!"

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