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This Month's Top Stories:

New 12 Step Program for DPC Addiction
So far proves ineffective.


BradP DQ'd!
"I need to have my head examined"

Read All About it...

The REAL Story behind this ribbon winner! Page 2
Bird Torturer?
Find out...
HUFU Anyone?
Read our exposé on the ingredients of this food fad...

Mass Suicide
Plot - Not!

D&L Detained
Read All About it...

Was this really a lucky shot??
The sun sets on mpemberton's deception...

Comments on Comments sparks another protest



Capture the Moments at
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Spy Infiltrates DPC!

Story by Strikeslip...

skiprow No Longer DPC Resident Legal Counsel

New Career For Skip...

A Letter From The Editor:

Well, this is it! The 3rd and arguably the best edition of the Enquirer is here! This time it's 5 pages instead of just 3! Yes, here it is, the new edition. It's all here - well not all I wanted to put in, but all I had time for. And if you hadn't noticed by now, I am simply typing this crap for filler because I had this big blank space and no time to create any more hilarious stories for this edition - the one you're looking at now.

Thanks for reading and I hope your enjoyment is directly proportionate to the effort I put into it. Have fun and always remember that if any bit of this publication is personally offensive to you, pleae send me an email.