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SWAT Team closes in on nbsca7
Martin (nbsca7) escapes while a beaver guards
the beer and the dog hides behind the curtain

"Kiss my trailer park ass!" Martin quipped after attempting to rally support in the forums for his decision to walk out on his exhibit.

In an intriguing story involving a photographer, a college campus, a Bichon, a beaver and a six pack of beer, Martin takes his ball and goes home.

"Not enough focus has been paid to the beaver" said legalbeagle, who presented this artists rendition of events:

BradP Seen at the Beach in a Bikini

"Band of Brothers" Misrepresented!

The blue ribbon winning entry for the "Five" challenge was discovered to be a fraud. These five are not actually brothers at all. In fact, they came from 3 completely different match boxes.

Gaurawa could not be
reached for comment.


Give her a greeting card she'll treasure for a lifetime. Watch her heart melt as she reads inspired sentiments such as these:

"Butt crack, even female butt crack (and that is a very nice female butt crack), don't count as nude" - TooCool

Enquirer Scoop: You'll be shocked to find out the identity of the model in the "Sex Sells" photo!

Our investigative team has been on the case of trying to find out who the model is in nico_blue's famous photo, "Sex Sells." Take a look at some of these photos below and see if you can find the similarities:

Well, maybe you knew it all along, but these people probably didn't:

"This is absolutely outstanding! It's sexy, it's hot. It's perfect." - scuds
"Perfect lips! Very nice detail." - sche2964
"very pretty. Than angle makes her fingers look kinda big..." - jmoore
"Sumptuous detail. They look positively good enough to kiss." - strangeghost
"Sensual, pleasing" - Philos31
"Yum!" - davidspyle