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Strikeslip gets a new profile photoSlippy puts on the chrome helmet!

"Some folks say I'm funnier than punctuation marks!" says Strikelip.

"Sackheads" stand up
for their rights

In a backlash that resulted from a comment from willow_zzen, sackheads rose up against the accusers. One of her statements that sparked the uproar was: "I find it rather amusing and a little cowardice to leave negative comments that are not necessarily constructive and then hide behind a paper bag!"

"I'm a sackhead and i'm proud of it." Says nicklevy, "I once received a PM while the voting on a challenge was still going on. I really didn't like it and this is why sometime later when they come up with the opportunity to put the bag on my head while voting I decided to do it."

Abbr. of the Day:

ROFLMAO - Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off.

"I didn't think I deserved it, but I got a DQ and I enjoyed it!"

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Fruit Snacks by Pedro

Proposition 800 - The Debate Rages On

2nd "Golden Slippy" Awarded! After minutes of painstaking deliberation... the envelope, please...

The "Golden Slippy" goes to: kpriest
Pulls it off after I thought buzzmom had it all wrapped up.
The "Two-Thumbs-Up" goes to:

Sorry buzzmom, the Golden Slippy was in the palm of your hand, only to be snatched away by the evil kpriest.
The "I'll Drink To That" goes to:

(Ingenious use of objects from my own portfolio!)

"I laughed, I cried, I wondered where all the nude depictions were... again (special thanks to Justine for an almost nude. Congrats to the winners, you may now hang your awards proudly on the wall in your den!" Said Strikeslip after the judging.

"This is unbelievable! Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I'd like to thank the academy, my mom, my wife, Adobe Corporation and all the little people who have stood behind me and told me to get a life!" - kpriest