Volume II
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New SC
Members Picked -
Scandal Destroys
Woody's Dreams!

Violence Erupts in the Forums!
Gangs known as "Cliques" form into mobs

New Site Council Members: ursula, scalvert, blemt and muckpond

The "Shocking" Truth Behind this Ribbon-Winning Shot! Sources indicate an electric wire was laid across the top of the sand dune and electric shock was applied to cause these unwitting children to do backflips!

Site Council says there's nothing in the rules to DQ it.

"You can't prove a damn thing!"
says the photographer.

Jewelry Ad Exposed!
Subliminal Messages
Discovered in X-Ray

Beneath the sumptuous layer of chocolate on this candy kiss, lies a sinister plot that succeeded in duping hundreds of voters and stealing a ribbon for Kris Milo a.k.a. "Hopper"

"Get the hell off my property!" Milo told reporters who swarmed his property in Albany, New York.

Above: An insider provided the Enquirer with this exclusive photo of Milo's studio where he has special equipment setup for embedding the messages in his photos.

Karma the Wonder Dog forced to row and swim for bear_music's Minimalism entry
These photos, taken by one of our undercover reporters, shows Karma rowing bear's boat far out into the lake and then made to drop anchor and swim back to shore to help setup the tripod and make bear a sandwich.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing!" Neighbors who witnessed this event told the Enquirer reporters. "When I looked out on that lake and saw Karma swimming back, it looked like she was actually yawning - probably from exhaustion or extreme action." one resident said.

When we caught up with Robert (a.k.a. bear_music), he told us he deserved the ribbon and he would stop at nothing to get it. He then flipped us off and said he had no further comment.

Photos at right:
File photo of bear_music.
Notice the
resemblence to
Ted Kaczynski?