Predictably Asked Questions (PAQs)

  1. Why do you call this Predictably Asked Questions - shouldn't it be Frequently Asked Questions or "FAQs"?

    Because we are a news organization, WE ask the questions. Therefore we don't take questions. Hence, there cannot be any frequently asked questions. But we do believe in full disclosure and we can guess what your questions are, so we put together this list of Predictably Asked Questions. If you need more information, just click here to ask... 
  2. What are your credentials? Do you have real journalists on your staff??

    I will refer you to our credentials page. And yes, our journalists are real. ...except for two of them who are actually cartoon characters. Oh yeah, and two of them are dogs. But I can assure you one of us here is real. And yes, I know I combined two questions into one - just doing our part to conserve and consolidate.
  3. Are you sanctioned, sponsored by, or do you receive payoffs from DPChallenge?

    No. We are not associated with, affiliated with, sponsored by, nor do we receive any form of compensation from DPChallenge. In order to run a fair, balanced, objective, ethical and quality news organization, we could never put ourselves in a position of a conflict of interest even if they asked
  4. I have some information that may be of interest in one of your investigative reports. How can I get this information to you?

    If you have any information that we can use in one of our articles, you can use the contact form and provide details. You don't need to be overly concerned about the accuracy of the information or reliability of the source - we will accept heresay, innuendo, supposition, theory, details from a dream you had, and even completely fabricated stories may be published. After all, the people have the right to know. Use the contact form to submit information or email: Your complete privacy and anonymity is ensured, but please include your full name and DPC username so I can attribute proper credit in the article if it is published.
  5. It seems like the DPC Enquirer went belly-up back in '05, so why is this site even still up?

    Good question. I suppose for the same reason I kept my broken down motorcycle around for many years as an intended source of inspiration to rekindle my passion for the glory days. But in reality it serves as a source of depression and self-loathing at my lack of motivation. I could be wrong, but I think these are things everyone needs and are an important part of that self-actualization pyramid thing. Pretty sure.