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Enquirer Staff - Art Roflmao

Art Roflmao is President, CEO, Executive Editor and Chief Village Burner at the DPC Enquirer. He started out as a young stringer for a local tabloid, then did a short stint as a numbers runner and enforcer for a well-known crime family boss and subsequently served 14 years in a Federal prison where he honed his skills as a master Shankmaker. Upon release from the penitentiary, he found there was no market for shanks outside of prison, so he returned to a career in journalism. After joining DPChallenge.com in 2004, he found no shortage of juicy drama and founded the DPC Enquirer to take advantage of people who lived for gossip and drama.

UPDATE 2007: By 2007, it was clear that nobody was willing to pay the reasonable subscription price of $199/week for the Enquirer, and so it is with great regret that Mr. Roflmao has been forced to go into seclusion and curl up in the fetal position until someone sends him a large sum of money. He hopes you are all happy.

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