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Welcome to the DPC Enquirer, where Nothing could be farther from the truth! The Enquirer is a near-monthly news magazine that is the place to find out the real scoop about! We have undercover agents who do whatever it takes to uncover the stories behind the challenge entries and the ribbon winners. We also have moles in the forums to report on current rants, raves, scandals, dead pets and other sob stories.

As a public service, we also report on the politics and "alleged" corruption inside the site Administration and the Site Council. Oh sure, they seem all friendly and helpful and the SC are volunteers, and even though none have been found guilty of anything, we all know that power corrupts and the SC has power and therefore it is logical to assume they are corrupt. And of course the Admins have absolute power - need I say more? Rest assured, when an accusation or the appearance of presumed impropriety allegedly occurs, the DPC Enquirer will be right there to expose it! ...unless we are busy or on vacation or have temporarily lost interest.

As with all of our stories, although nothing is ever verified, everything presented in this site is believed to be, or at least could possibly be, mostly near truth based on lack of factual evidence to the contrary.

If this is your first time here, please read our disclaimer before proceeding to the content.